Bird control

Bird control

oktober 9, 2018

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It is astounding when you realise the options you have today when it comes to bird control. We live in an age were traveling by air has become more common than ever. The world of agriculture has changed from a small farms to mega corporations and there are many industries which have grown or changed in form almost beyond our comprehension. But what is it that all or most of these different businesses have in common. They are or can be plagued by birds. All though most people like birds and admire them for their very nature, we must not forget that these animals can be cause of great problems. In other words are many businesses in one way or another required to implement some form of bird control. It is however extremely important to choose a partner when it comes to this who not only finds an effective and enduring solution while simultaneously works environmentally save and cruelty free.

When it comes to bird control we are the only address you need to know about: Clear Flight Solutions. Our methods are proven effective and enduring. We understand that problems caused by birds may seem uniformly overall it in practice must be fine-tuned to both the situation and the kind of birds causing the problems. We got you covered when it comes to bird control our way of working will allow you to keep continuing your business without the hassle of birds.

Your partner when it comes to bird control

We all understand the dangers of birds flying to close near an airport. Not just a problem for large airports, but for basically every place concerning aviation. The problem which can occur with birds around airfields doesn’t need any further explanation. However it should be stated that when it comes to bird control especially today and regardless of the context you’re expected to always chose an option which is as environmentally save as it cruelty free. Our drones do just that. They utilise an already inherent bird instinct and gives it form in a very literal way.

Our state of the art drones

It isn’t simply a fact of using a drone that looks like a bird of prey to scare off any unwanted animals (birds). Depending on the situation certain other aspects of our services should be implemented as well. For example, windfarms are a cause of many unnecessary bird deaths yearly. The problem when dealing with bird control in this situation is not just scaring off the birds but actually changing their migratory routes permanently. We achieve this by carefully examining global temperatures and the seasons we can predict when certain birds will start their route. Then it is simply a task in repeating our detergent form of bird control to teach the flock to change their route. There are many different situations in which our services are useful. At the very core of our business is of course our ‘predator’ drone.

Not just any form of bird control

We have access to our own unique drones. These drones are built to resemble two very specific birds of prey. The peregrine falcon and the eagle. Both are used to scare off different types of birds and both are designed to be as realistic as possible. Of course they fly by flapping their wings and look and feel as real as possible. We call this form of bird control or better yet the drones themselves as Robird®.

Do you want to learn more about our form of bird control with Clear Flight Solutions? You are always welcome to contact us with more information.